About us

Our philosophy

We put people and products at the heart of our activity. We strongly focus on Italy in the world and for the world.

We are not ’90s style, Piazza Affari, blue tie, finance and legal footnotes. We believe that the participation to the benefits of globalization should be an easier process, as well as accessible to SMEs and consumer and with positive outcomes in terms of community, environment and image.

Our client must be proud that his wine is enjoyed in Hong Kong, and the Hong Kong restaurateur must be proud to serve that Italian wine. Maybe, the two have also taken a picture together, toasting while signing the contract.

Our managing partners

Degree in International and Diplomatic Studies at University of Trieste and Master in Institutional Relations, Lobbying and Corporate Communication at LUISS University. Valerio worked for the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the European Commission, the European Parliament, the United Nations, political parties, civil society movements and consultancies. He had experience and developed networks in Holland, Belgium, Lebanon, Azerbaijan and Mali. He currently collaborates with the Italia-ASEAN Association.

Combined Bachelor and Master of Science in Law at Bocconi University in Milan (Major in International and Public) and Graduate Diploma in Law at BPP Law School in London. Marco worked for different law firms, including the Antitrust department at McDermott, Will   Emery in Milan, and for FTI Consulting in London. He had experience and developed networks in the United Kingdom, Australia, France and Switzerland.

The Board of Advisers

The advisory board provides non-binding strategic consultancy for the management of Nearco. The informal nature of our advisory board ensures more flexibility in the structure and management than a board of directors. The advisory board does not have the authority to vote on corporate issues and does not take on the legal responsibility for the operation of the business. Our advisers are experts from different institutions, universities and private companies, providing innovative advice and dynamic perspective.

Our Advisers:

Role and responsibility of Nearco‘s advisers:

Why Nearco?

Nearco was an admiral of the Macedonian army of the IV century B.C., as well as the most loyal comrade of Alexander the Great. The Macedonian king put him in charge of the fleet that went down the Jhelum river in the Punjab region. Once back from the Indian campaign, Alexander assigned him the task to explore the coasts of the Arabic Sea and of the Persian Gulf, from the delta of the River Indo to the Euphrates. Nearco‘s ship‘s logs have been used as a precious source by the main ancient geographers.

Moreover, Nearco has been an Italian horse, galloping champion and one of the greatest racing horses of the twentieth century. He retired from races in 1938, unbeaten after 14 races, and then sold as stallion to a farm. Nearco resulted, until 2007, among the stallions whose descendants in the men‘s line have won the higher number of international awards.

These two Nearco stories recall the concepts of “trusted ally of the great warrior” and of “successes generator that last over time”. Finally, the phonetic of this name evokes the ideas of new, proximity and corporate.

We indeed want to be the best alleys of those entrepreneurs who created and create value with their insight and hard work. By standing next to businesses, we want to be the new element that can generate lasting results.